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Backing Plates & Locator Arbors:
Manufactured as per customer’s specifications these are used on bearing grinding machines. These are important tooling for shoe-magnet grinding arrangements. Carbide is brazed precisely into hardened body at bearing race butting face to provide longer life. Parallelism of 0.002mm is maintained on both butting faces.
Backing Plates
Made out of one piece, as the name suggest, these are used on machines with auto loading-unloading arrangements. One piece is precisely turned and then it is milled on vertical mills fitted with Digital Read Out (DRO) units. Care is taken so that center is not disturbed and concentricity is maintained.
It is an important part for bearing race grinding machine where races are grinded using Shoe-magnet arrangement. Tungsten Carbide is finely brazed on which the race is supported against the push of grinding wheel. Curvature is provided on the Tungsten Carbide as desired by the customer. Through cooling holes are provided for free flow of coolant.
Slide plates:
This is an important part of the loading/unloading arrangement of bearing grinding machines. The sludge generated on grinding machines is magnetic in nature thus tends to stick on various parts fitted on these grinding machines. This causes severe abrasion of parts rendering them lower life. These slide plates are made of Stainless Steel which being non-magnetic in nature, facilitates easy wash out of grinding sludge from grinding-machines thus increasing their life and causing less down time.
Slide plates